Fr. Rene Astruc, S.J.

Fr. Rene Astruc, S.J.

1954: Ordained

1955-1957: Alma College, Los Gatos, CA (SFr)

1958-1963: St. Michael’s Church, St. Michael, AK

1964-1965: Holy Cross Mission, Holy Cross, AK (Fbk)

1966-1970: St. Mary Church, St. Mary (Andreafsky), AK

1971-1975: Bishop’s House and Sacred Heart Cathedral Rectory, Fairbanks, AK

1976-1978: Unknown

1979-1980: Jesuit House, Anchorage, AK (ANC)

1981-1982: St. Joseph Church, Kotlik, AK (FBK)

1983-1985: Jesuit House, Anchorage, AK (ANC)

1986-1987: Jesuit Residences, Anchorage, AK

1988-1997: Jesuit Houses, Anchorage, AK

1998-2002: Brother Joe Prince Jesuit community, St. Mary’s, AK (FBK)

2000-2001: St. Joseph Church, Kotlik, AK; St. Lawrence Church, Mountain Village, AK

2002: Died

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