Fr. Jerome M. Henson, O.P.

Fr. Jerome M. Henson, O.P.

Ordination: 1977

Notes: In 1981, four years after being ordained, Fr. Henson was caught in a compromising position in a graveyard with a 13-year-old boy by a patrolling policeman. The boy and his family did not wish to press charges, so no criminal action was pursued. Following the event, Fr. Henson was immediately transferred to Reno, where he stayed for a few years before being sent to Orange. It was not until two decades later, in 2002, that a suit was filed against Fr. Henson. Following the initial suit, two more men came forward accusing Fr. Henson of sexually abusing them as boys. Two of Fr. Henson’s accusers would be included in a larger settlement including a total of 33 victims. Fr. Henson appears on the Diocese of Orange’s list of priests removed from ministry, life of prayer and penance. As of 2008, it is believed that Fr. Henson was living in Corona, California. Fr. Henson’s current whereabouts and whether he as access to children are unknown


1978-1980 St. Dominic’s, Benicia, CA

1981-1989 Reserve Chaplain

1990-1991 St. Anthony Claret, Anaheim, CA

1992-1995 St. Angela Merici Church, Brea, CA

1996-2001 St. John the Baptist Church, Costa Mesa, CA

2002-2017 Inactive Leave

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