Fr. Frank A. Sierra, S.F.

Fr. Frank A. Sierra, S.F.

Ordination: 1946

Notes: Multiple survivors have accused Fr. Frank A. Sierra of child sexual abuse. Fr. Sierra was accused of sexually abusing a child while he worked at Holy Cross in Santa Cruz, New Mexico. In 1970, Fr. Sierra moved to the Diocese of San Diego, where he allegedly continued to abuse children. According to the Diocese of San Diego, Fr. Sierra worked at St. Joseph in Upland from 1970 to 1974. In 1988, Fr. Sierra retired. He was reportedly removed from ministry in 2002. Fr. Sierra has been named in multiple civil lawsuits. In 2010, as part of a settlement with survivors of clergy sexual abuse, the Diocese of San Diego released Fr. Sierra’s personnel file. Fr. Sierra was included in the Diocese of San Diego’s list of priests where the Diocese has received a credible allegation involving sexual abuse of a minor. He was also included in the Archdiocese of Santa Fe’s list of clergy accused of child sexual abuse. Fr. Sierra’s whereabouts and whether he had access to children from approximately 1994 until his death in 2013 are unknown.


1947 Unknown

1948-1950 Holy Family Seminary, Silver Spring, MD

1951-1952 Our Lady of Peace, Greeley, CO

1953 Holy Cross, Santa Cruz, NM

1954-1959 St. Francis Jerome Church, Center, CO

1960-1962 Holy Cross Church, Santa Fe, NM

1963-1968 Our Lady of Fatima, Bayard, NM

1969-1970 Our Lady of the Light, El Paso, TX

1971 Absent on Leave

1972-1973 Chaplain (U.S. Army)

1974-1978 Chaplain (University of Texas, El Paso, TX)

1975 Our Lady of Soledad, Coachella, CA

1976-1979 St. John, Encinitas, CA

1979-1980 On Duty Outside the Diocese

1980-1987 Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Brawley, CA

1982-1983 On duty Outside the Diocese

1988 Unknown

1989-1990 Our Lady of Guadalupe, Calexico, CA

1990 Retired

1991-1993 Retired; Our Lady of Guadalupe, Calexico, CA

1994-2008 Retired

2009-2012 Unknown

2013 Died

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