Br. Thomas C. Ford, C.F.C.

Br. Thomas C. Ford, C.F.C.

Notes: Br. Thomas C. Ford joined the Christian Brothers and was assigned to Mt. Cashel Home for Boys in Newfoundland, Canada in 1956. During his time at Mt. Cashel, Br. Ford sexually and physically abused multiple children in a sadomasochistic manner including the use of leather straps. When Br. Ford severely beat a naked child in the shower so viciously that he lost consciousness and was transported to the hospital, Br. Ford was returned to the United States. In 1970, Br. Ford began teaching at Damien Memorial High School and sexually abused at least two Damien students. From 1979 to 1980 Br. Ford worked at Cantwell High School in Los Angeles. In 1996, Canadian officials charged Br. Ford with 9 counts of abuse for beating children at Mt. Cashel in the late 1950s. Br. Ford disappeared from his teaching assignment and resisted extradition. School officials informed students that Br. Ford left to attend to a family emergency. Br. Ford pleaded guilty and was sentenced to five months in jail. Eleven other Brothers were also convicted for physical and sexual abuse at Mt. Cashel. Multiple claims throughout North America have been filed alleging abuse by Br. Ford, including multiple claims in the Irish Christian Brothers bankruptcy and two lawsuits in Hawaii in 2014.


1956-1959 Mt. Cashel Home for Boys, Newfoundland, Canada

1959 Cardinal Hayes High School, New York, NY

1960-1964 Catholic Memorial High School, Boston, MA

1964-1967 O’Dea High School, Seattle, WA

1967-1969 St. Laurence High School, Chicago, IL

1970-1974 Damien High School, Honolulu, HI

1974-1979 Boy’s Central High School, Butte, MT

1979-1980 Cantwell High School, Los Angeles, CA

1980-1986 St. Laurence High School, Chicago, IL

1986-1996 Bergen High School, Bergen, NJ

1996-2000 Unknown; criminal charges for abuse at Mt. Cashel

2001-2008 Santa Maria Community, New York

2008 Died

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