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Reel Lawyers – Ray Boucher on the Sexual Abuse of Minors

February 20, 2019

Ray Boucher: With sexual abuse of minors you are dealing with predators who find the most vulnerable young children that they can and engage in the most heinous type of behavior and sexual abuse that you can possible imagine. I can’t tell the stories, because they are so profound and people need to understand this: anytime you have a number of children, you have the risk of sexual abuse. When we look at priests, doctors, teachers, coaches, mentors ﹣I don’t care what area you are talking about﹣ churches, Hollywood, local schools —those are the places that are the most dangerous.

It is amazing to me the strength that many people are able to find when they ultimately face that darkness that they’ve held onto for so many years, held onto in silence, and ultimately realize that there are other people out there, other survivors, that they can turn to and that they can share those experiences with.

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