Ray Boucher on The Larry King Show

Ray Boucher on The Larry King Show

July 16, 2007

Ray Boucher: The records are very clear that this was an organized cover up and this church knew it for many, many years. The one thing that very few people understand is that in 1948 an organization that was inservant to the paracletes was organized; it is a religious order. They were organized specifically to deal with pedophile priests and, since 1948, they have been putting out studies to the cardinals and bishops around the world saying very clearly that “you can’t put these priests back in the ministry; you can’t put them near kids.” So, they have known this for decades. It is the civil justice system, the threat of jury trials, and the courage of these young men that finally has brought the Catholic Church to the position where it has to admit that it has failed and failed miserably, that it needs to take significant steps, and that it is not taking enough steps.”

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